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Our Story

Greenwood Wellness was established in August 2018. Our first venture was the Greenwood Wellness Clinic where we provide first-class patient care and guidance through the OMMA Medical Marijuana card procurement process. We opened our dispensary in March 2019 to complement the services provided by the clinic and ensure that our patients had access to high-quality medical cannabis, edibles, CBD and alternative medicinal products in a warm, patient-centrical professional environment.

Who We Are

We were founded by a team of local Doctors, Dentists, Pharmacists, and business owners who are committed to providing the Tulsa community with an experience focused on patient wellness.  We are committed to the Greenwood community. Today, Greenwood Wellness has a safe and comfortable location where we are dedicated to creating a positive medical cannabis experience by providing a sensible alternative to alcohol and prescription drugs helping to alleviate opioid addiction.

Whether visiting our clinic and dispensary to receive a recommendation, purchase products or simply learn more about medical cannabis and its benefits, we strive to provide a compassionate experience where you are recognized as an important member of our community.

Where We're Going

Greenwood Wellness’s goal will never change – we strive to inspire the evolution of cannabis through education and high-quality medical cannabis products. Our focus is to provide the most positive experience with cannabis, from flower to concentrates and beyond.